GPS Coordinate Converter (Maricopa County)

Type coordinates in any of the three formats into the yellow fields, and if the values are legal and somewhere within (or close to) Maricopa County, you'll see those coordinates in all five formats below. If you see question marks, the coordinates are bad.

  North (+ Y) West (- X)  
Input Here (any format)
DD MM.MMM (preferred)
DD MM SS (Streets & Trips)
USNG/MGRS (10 meters)
UTM (zone )

SAR: copy and paste into Google Earth:

RADIO: read coordinates as (preferred format):
   North part not in Maricopa County
   West part not in Maricopa County

The "preferred format" is degrees, decimal minutes (DD MM.MMM), as used in virtually all aircraft/helo GPS systems and most consumer handheld units. It has been adopted by the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association (CAMRA), our Mountain Rescue unit, per Dave Bremson, Operations Chief, as well as the MCSO Aviation Division.